Many people love to use the phrase, “tying the knot” when it comes to marriage, but what does it really mean? Tying the Knot, wedding ceremony traditions we love over the years.  Do different cultures have different variations of the meaning? Or did one culture come up with the phrase? We’ve got all of those answers and more for you when it comes to wedding traditions and tying knots.

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Origin and History of Tying The Knot

The Encyclopedia of Superstitions tells us that, “In the seventeenth century, one or two of the bride-favors were always blue. These were knots of colored ribbons loosely stitched on to the wedding gown, which was plucked off by the guests at the wedding feast, and worn as luck-bringers in the young men’s hats.” While the expression itself was reportedly dubbed in 1717, by the English poet and diplomat Matthew Prior, in his humorous poem Alma where he states, “So to the priest their case they tell: He ties the knot.” So, where did the phrase really originate?

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Different Cultural  Variations Of Tying The Knot

Tying the Knot, wedding ceremony traditions we love, is a phrase itself literally means to ‘get married’, so what types of knots are there at weddings? The nuptial knot itself is a phrase that originated in Indian weddings. Hindu wedding rituals involve the “tying of a knot” between the bride and groom before they take their seven rounds around the wedding fire. Other wedding cultures and traditions have since incorporated knots like Laos which has an actual knot tying ceremony with the bride. Traditional Filipino weddings offer a cord tying ceremony where the bride and groom are literally tied together. Whereas in Celtic nations, have a hand-fasting tradition where the couple’s hands are bound dating back to wedding traditions from 7000 B.C.

Filipino Cord Wedding Ceremony Tradition, Tying the Knot, wedding ceremony traditions we love

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