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In Hindu weddings, one of the most sacred customs is the time of the mangalsutra. This consists of a black and gold beaded necklace with a diamond or gold pendant. Mangalsutra is a Hindu wedding sacred jewelry which holds a very high importance in the Hindu wedding culture and held dear by Hindu women throughout their married life. A symbol of marriage and love, the mangalsutra is worn by the bride until death. Mangalsutra, meaning “sacred cord or thread”, is a piece of jewelry that has deep meaning and is a symbol of chastity and dignity.Sampat Jeweller Custom Mangalsutra Hindu wedding sacred jewelry

In traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies, the mangalsutra is tied in three knots around the bride’s neck. The first knot is meant to represent lasting loyalty to her husband. The second mangalsutra knot represents her commitment to her new family, while the third knot represents her devotion to the Almighty and her prayers to him for protection of her marriage bond. During the ceremony of the mangal sutra, the first knot is traditionally tied by the husband while the second and third knots are tied by the groom’s sister.

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Mangalsutra is a Hindu Wedding Sacred Jewelry and A Promise

The mangalsutra is a Hindu wedding sacred jewelry, also symbolizes a promise of ‘forever’ from the husband to his wife. This promise means that they will always stay with one another and he will continually protect her from evil. In today’s society, Hindu women prefer more exclusivity in their mangalsutra. Many women work with gemologists or jewelers to create the perfect one of a kind mangalsutra. While the shape and size vary from region to region, the mangalsutra is still a sacred piece of fashion that lets others know that the woman is married. The Hindu woman is to never part with her mangalsutra as long as her husband is living, which is why many women wear it as a proud Hindu wedding fashion statement.

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