Apropos Creations Newly Designed Website and Logo

Apropos Creations newly designed website and logo is a whole new look!  With all the announcements and big things going on, we decided to kick things up a notch and really take Apropos Creations to the next level with a sleek and savvy new website.

The new mandala logo design, with the Adinkra symbol of West Africa, was chosen to appeal to both social weddings and corporate events. We kept the “Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan” Adinkra symbol which means “Power of Love” and “Love never loses its way home”.  This was the symbol that encouraged owner Jo Ann to step out of her shell and into the wonderful world of wedding and corporate planning. We got tech savvy with our web design, as you will find this symbol on all of the site pages – just click on it and it will take you “home” right back to the home page.

Apropos Creations Newly Designed Website and Logo Adinkra Symbol

Our Exciting New Colors for our Newly Designed Website and Logo

With Apropos Creations newly designed website and logo, we also have new colors which are rose gold and gray, for a more modern, stylish concept and overall cleaner site. The new website shows the aspirations Apropos Creations holds to plan, style, and coordinate your next event. Your event should shine bright and all of your ideas should be incorporated with the same love and care we have for our company and event planning family and this is our goal.  We know and understand that events are a great way to showcase the best part of your event and we also know that your time is valuable.  While you might not have time to plan an event that illustrates you or your company’s uniqueness – we do!

Apropos Creations Newly Designed Website and Logo

If your corporation is having a grand opening, launching a product, or getting ready for your annual event, Apropos Creations will work closely with you to plan the event you have dreamed of for both you and your guests. Our goal is to help you make memories and have the most stress-free, superior planning experience – ever.

Contact us to make your event beautiful with Apropos Creations!