We all love how beautiful wedding veils can be! You probably grew up dreaming of the moment your groom lifted your veil and sealed your wedding vows with a kiss. But where did the veil come from? Have brides always worn veils? Or is the veil a modern tradition? When it comes to saying ‘I do’ in a spectacular veil, we’ve got all of the reasons you should consider this historically, beautiful wedding accessory and tradition.  Below are some of the wedding veil meanings.

Wedding Veil Meanings

While there is no specific symbolism behind the wedding veil, many believe it was worn to signify the bride’s virginity. Some believe the wedding veil dates back to the Greek or Roman mythology that a bride wore it to ward off evil spirits during her wedding vows. In Ancient times they used a veil, or a ‘flammeum’, to disguise the bride from head to toe in order to shield her from the said evil spirits – and no, it was not white but instead red! While the act of unveiling a bride was meant to symbolize the changing of hands in which the groom assumed responsibility for the bride from the father. Over the years the wedding veil’s archaic meanings were lost. It became more of a bridal accessory and usually worn in white to match the bride’s dress.

Sedona Destination Bride and Groom
photo by Cameron Kelly Studio

No matter what you think the wedding veil meanings, we believe it’s a gorgeous way to make a grand entrance on your wedding day. – no matter what your faith or wedding tradition. If you’re looking for the wedding planner of a lifetime in Scottsdale, AZ please don’t hesitate to get in touch here: Apropos Creations Contact Us form. Jo Ann would love to help you plan the Arizona or destination wedding of a lifetime with all of the wedding accessories and traditions you hold so very dear.