We’ve watched television all of our lives and definitely a whole lot of series that are wedding worthy.  We believe the below are the Top 5 Best TV Weddings.

Our Top 5

1. Luke and Laura of General Hospital

Related imageWhile the two started out on one very tragic note, they soon became a power couple of the TV world when they decided to marry. While Luke was originally portrayed as Laura’s rapist, the series spun the relationship into a seduction rather than assault because Elizabeth Taylor would only agree to appear as the super-villain Helena Cassadine if the two finally married. The infamous wedding shattered Soap Opera ratings.

2. Pam and Jim of The Office

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Everyone was rooting for the couple during the whole series and just couldn’t seem to make it to the church. Their friends put together a killer ceremony set to dancing down the aisle to a song Pam specifically did not want to be played at her wedding – only for everyone to find out they got married an hour earlier in one of the most romantic television weddings of a lifetime.

3. Derek and Meredith Grey’s Anatomy

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While we’ve all been taught to hate the post-it note after Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic break up on Sex In The City, Meredith and Derek breathed new life into the post-it note with their wedding vows written on a post-it that would be something Meredith comes back to time and time again.

3. Ross and Emily of Friends

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While you might be thinking this shouldn’t be in the top 5 TV weddings, we thought it totally appropriate because while it was doomed from the start – this is the moment we were all waiting for on friends. When Ross vowed to love Rachel right to Emily’s face. The moment couldn’t have been more perfect for Friends fans since Rachel was on her way to profess her love for Ross and stop the wedding. While they didn’t get together forever at this exact moment, it was enough to give fans hope for the rest of the series.

5. The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones

The Red Wedding features in the 9th episode of the third season of Game of Thrones

While this wasn’t the dreamiest pick, it definitely has more drama than any other television wedding to date. You might have thought we would go with The Brady Bunch wedding of Mike and Carol or Joanie and Chachi on Happy Days – but we can’t get over how romantic the wedding was only to see it was a play on politics so fierce that the reception is full of revenge when main characters were slaughtered left and right.

An Additional TV Wedding Favorite…

A 6th Fave Wedding.  This is an exception because it was on Netflix

6. Sense8 Eiffel Tower Wedding

What girl does not dream of having their wedding on top of the Eiffel Tower with a full on fireworks show? Sense8, a Netflix show written by the Wochowskis and J. Michael Straczynski,  in itself is a bit different, a little risque for some but the story is captivating.  Nomi,a transgender, and Amanita, finally had their same sex wedding on the finale of the show.   The best part of the show was when Nomi’s estranged mom who never acknowledged her as transgender had finally fully accepted her for who she is with love.

Now that you know what our top 5 is, Apropos Creations would love to hear which one your Top 5 Best TV Weddings.