NACE Tantalizing Tables Blue and White Winter Wonderland Theme

NACE Tantalizing Tables Blue and White Winter Wonderland Theme Hello Beautiful

Last month, Apropos Creations had the honors to design a table for Phoenix NACE Tantalizing Tables.  This year, the committee changed it up a bit for the designers.  They decided to create a Pinterest board with winter inspired decor for us to base our tables designs from.  The theme was “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

NACE Tantalizing Tables Blue and White


NACE Tantalizing Tables Winter Wonderland Theme

Winter Wonderland

And Who doesn’t love winter wonderland themes?   With NACE Tantalizing Tables theme being winter wonderland, we decided to go with the white and dark blue colors since it called to me.  We titled this design, Midnight Love Affair.

Modern Midnight Love Affair

We collaborated with various vendors in the wedding and event industry to accomplish this design.  Southwick Linen provided us their Cobalt Blue velvet runner  then matched it up with Bright Event Rentals’ cobalt blue stoneware chargers and paired it up with their stemless glassware and flatware to achieve the modern look.  The blue contrasted well with the Starburst white top table, also from Bright.  We intermixed the chairs, the black ones from Bright Event Rentals and the white ones from AFR to have the mixy/ matchy modern feel.  The centerpiece, designed by Y Knot, consisted of blue hydrangeas, blue negellas, and white callas.  These flowers were available immediately at our local floral wholesaler Mayersh and the gems (picks) were from Michael’s.  Y Knot understood the modern concept and this is the magic they created.  We picked these blue flowers to pull all the blues on the table.  Lastly, embellishments on the tables: snowflake ornaments can be used as a décor and a favor for a dual purpose.  We DIY’d a couple of items, frosted the tall votive glasses, and designed the menu cards.  The white glass orbs greeting everyone on their tables “Hello Beautiful” are used to compliment the white vase.  You will see the different shades of colors as well as varying shapes of the items on the table to give it dimension and texture.

NACE Tantalizing Tables Blue and White Theme

NACE Tantalizing Tables Blue and White Winter Wonderland Theme

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