We met William “Bill” last year during one of NACE Phoenix’s events and was impressed by the technology they’ve come up with.  With Apropos Creations events being mostly weddings, we have not had any opportunity to work with Lupix being more corporate events driven.  But, we finally have a bridal client who was looking for technology driven seating charts and Lupix Design came to mind.  We will finally get to work with Bill and his team in a couple of weeks and we are stoked to see what they create based on all of the graphics we’ve provided them.  We’re confident that they will blow it out of the park!

Please read below to learn more about Bill and Lupix Design!

Tell us about Lupix Design… 

Lupix Design provides portable, dynamic, interactive, unique LED displays for corporate events, weddings, parties, retail and restaurants, etc. We also offer content design services and custom programming for the displays.

How did you get started in the wedding business?

We initially focused on using our displays at corporate events, and have taken them everywhere from Hawaii to New York. We decided to explore more local options, and exhibited at the wedding expo in June 2018 where we met the guys at Parkside Lane Events (who do a lot of weddings).

Lupix Design Digital Display

What makes your different from other businesses in the field?

Our displays are very unique. Most people have never seen them before, which makes them natural eye-catchers. Because they’re self-contained, we can create a sort of “pop-up video wall” without the need for projectors, screens, stands, etc. 

We’ve created our own media player software, which allows to provide dynamic features without the need for an internet connection, something almost every other media player can’t do. In addition, our media software allows us to mix content. So for example we can have a display showing a video loop, dynamic text, a slideshow of images, and more text, all at the same time. We can also programmatically change any media zone’s content on the fly, using timers, reactions to user input, and so on.

Why do you like working with weddings?

I really like doing something such as throwing up a seating chart, everyone gets sat quickly, and then having the panels showing multiple slideshows of the bride and groom, family photos, and the like. Seeing a small group of people standing around a display watching through the entire slideshow makes me happy. Plus, weddings are always super exciting experiences. We also tie the displays into a photo booth and it’s fun seeing what people do getting their pictures taken.


What was the most difficult situation you have faced with a client and how did you resolve it?

A client wanted to have a slideshow with 400+ photos during the cocktail hour.  At ten seconds per image, that’s a slideshow lasting well over an hour. Since she had solicited the family for their pictures, she really, really didn’t want to cut anything out and slight anyone, and yet I couldn’t display all the images during that hour without making each image flash by too quickly. So I wrote some software that resized and randomized the images into 5 distinct slideshows on the display all at the same time. That meant everyone got to see all their pictures in just a little over ten minutes. 

From a vendor’s perspective, what’s the best piece of advice you can give to engaged couples?

Hire experts. You have one chance at your wedding day but money will come and go. 

What or who motivates you?

Helping people. Someone coming to me with an idea and making it work. Coming up with a creative solution to a problem and the client saying “Oh wow, that’s really cool!” Doing something nobody else has done before.

What do you do when you are not working?

Reading, cooking, hiking, movies, tinkering in the garage.

What would we be surprised to learn about you?

I might have given it away already, but I was a software engineer for 20+ years. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Lupix Design and if you are going to reach out to them, please make sure to let them know you found him here.

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