Quite often you might find that your corporate event is perfectly planned, but engagement seems low. You can easily keep attendees’ attention with some creative ideas. From unique photo booth experiences, Linkedin makeovers, and advice on how to have a great social media page for business – there are tons of ways you can get attendees involved and throw the event of a lifetime. 

  1. Publish a Blog Post: Blogs are a great way to promote any event and get attendees excited about why they should attend or register for your event. 
  2. Engage Influencers With A Unique Twitter Hashtag: A unique hashtag can bring everyone together on social media and really get the word out about your event, especially if influencers in your area of business pick up on the buzz.  
  3. Design Estetique: Hiring an event planner can help you create the most amazing atmosphere for your attendees. 
  4. Know Your Attendees: Before the event, get to know who your attendees are that way you can connect with them and make them feel more welcomed at your event. 
  5. Add Some Fun Elements: Things like photo booths, light shows, treat bars or bagged lunches, and events like Linkedin makeovers complete with photos and how to create the best profile are all great ways to add fun elements for attendees. 
  6. Plan Compelling Sessions and Speakers: You will need some top speakers for sessions and workshops when attracting attendees to register or attend your event. People who are the top of the class in the industry love giving talks and doing Q&A, so don’t be afraid to ask your superheroes in the industry to attend. 
  7. Use a Mobile App: A mobile app is a surefire way to increase attendance and audience engagement. 
  8. Alert Attendees About Sessions: Tie your app into sessions by giving attendees the chance to register on the app, see who else is attending, and also give them the ability to connect with other attendees. This can boost attendance at social events that happen after meetings and sessions. 
  9. Microblog During The Event: Use mediums like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat to provide short bits of content with real-time images to bring attendees together and boost attendance!
  10. Give Out Some Cool Swag: Swag bags or inviting vendors to attend can really get people excited about any event.
  11. It’s All About The After Party: Every event needs a party! I’ve personally attended and planned events that have thrown every style party from opening with champagne and hors’ devours to a full-on beach party at a hotel pool. 

No matter what your event, Apropos Creations can help you plan the event of your dreams and have your attendees talking about how cool it was for years to come!