Happy Thanksgiving from Our Family to Yours!
“Reflect upon your present blessings- of which every man has many- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”  Charles Dickens

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Family to Yours Table Setup

Stronger Together

2020 has certainly had a rough start for all of us. We never expected it to start the way it did and we certainly didn’t think, we would be heading into the end of 2020 the way we are.  

Besides the above, one thing is certain – we will get through this and come out even stronger – we always do! We need each other more than ever. As the natural world around us transforms from the green to the reds and the yellows and eventually to white, we will transform and adapt as well.

Photo Credit: MakeItGrateful

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Family to Yours

Forever Learning

If we learned anything in 2020, we learned to maneuver through difficulties the universe has thrown us, we learned to be patient.  We learned to acknowledge, accept, and understand one another.  We learned to love, even MORE!  These are what I am grateful for, for what 2020 has brought to me, my family and friends.

Forever Grateful to You

Furthermore, on this very special thanksgiving, we would like to thank our amazing clients, our families and friends for trusting us to provide amazing wedding and event planning and grow to become the highest rated multicultural wedding and event planner in the state of Arizona and winner of the three-best rated planners in Chandler, Arizona!  

Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours!

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