Most Popular Wedding Themes for Fall and Winter

Popular Wedding Themes for Fall and Winter Sunset Wedding Photo

Fall and Winter Popular Wedding Themes- Traditionally, wedding season has been in the late spring and early summer. However, as time passes, more couples are taking advantage of the diverse seasonal beauty and budget implications of having a fall or winter wedding.

For couples looking to get married later in the year, there are plenty of popular themes to use as inspiration. As a result, by adding your personal flair to these popular fall and wedding themes, you can have an event that will stand out from the rest. Here are some popular themes for fall and winter weddings.

Holiday Theme

Many couples choose to have their fall or winter wedding surrounding the holidays, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween. If they plan the wedding close enough to the holiday and it can make it easier to celebrate longer.  By taking advantage of vacation periods and long weekends this will surely be a celebration to remember.

The winter holiday theme wedding creates ample opportunity for personalization and fun. Opt for a stunning silver gown from Azazie Company.  Also, make sure to pair it with floor-length jewel-toned green and red bridesmaid dresses for a classy Christmas wedding.  Using holly and pine to create a natural-yet-elegant centerpieces.

For Halloween, embrace the spooky or take a more elegant, gothic-inspired event with gold and black at the forefront. Create an epic Thanksgiving wedding weekend with football and fun for all involved– the options are endless.

Rustic Vintage

Fall weddings are the perfect time to celebrate the harvest and convey traditional farming rituals throughout the event. Opt for a wedding in a barn with bench seating, using sunflowers, crimson mums, hay, and corn stalks for decor. Wooden lanterns, re-purposed bottles and jars, and dried flowers create a warm, comforting environment. 

Pumpkins, gourds, and wheat create great accent pieces that can be incorporated into table settings, the altar, and invitations. Opt for comfort foods, such as turkey and roasted vegetables or even thick seasonal soups for the meals and offer your guests mulled wine or cider for cocktail hour. 

Popular Wedding Themes for Fall and Winter Vintage Barn Ceremony

Winter Wonderland

Create a dreamlike world of whimsy with a winter wonderland themed wedding. Opt for white decor, twinkle lights, frosted branches, fur elements, and silver sparkles to create the feeling of a winter escape. Take it to the next level by creating an enchanted forest or using literature and movie inspired decor from Beauty and the Beast or Game of Thrones.

Keep the lighting low in the venue like using mirrors and other reflective elements to add a sparkle to the air. If possible, add ice or glass sculptures as table decor and serve hot chocolate with dessert. 

Popular Wedding Themes for Fall and Winter Winter Wonderland Table Decor

Photo by: Tyfanny & Ryland Photography

Night Wedding

As the year goes on, the days get shorter. Rather than fighting for daylight, embrace the evening and make the night a central theme. Choose navy and gold decor with vintage style moons and stars to embrace the night sky. Consider adding some outdoor activities to your event, such as stargazing or a quick ceremony in a natural setting. 

Remember to prioritize guest comfort when planning a night wedding and ensure that you plan around any children who are invited to the event.

Why do you want to do this because you can save thousands of dollars by having an off-season wedding. Also, you can have an event that stands apart from many of the tired themes that get recycled during spring and summer. Embrace the cool air and the natural splendor of fall and winter for an unforgettable wedding for having a fall and winter popular wedding themes.

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