Event Lighting Ideas

Lighting can honestly make or break your event. Lighting creates the atmosphere and really highlight the room especially if your venue does not have a lot of character. Plus, attendees simply love a well-lit room. Here are a few event lighting ideas that can help you decide how to really throw the best event – ever. 

Event Lighting Ideas Uplights

Event Uplighting 

Uplighting is a lovely way to build ambiance with minimal decor. Uplighting is often used to tie in a theme with color and create a great “Wow” design effect as guests enter the room. One of the most popular lighting effects, uplighting can be quite dramatic and really bring out the best in your event space

Event Lighting Ideas Gobo

Use Gobos For Your Event 

Looking for a way to add a design element and depth to your event? Gobos give off a beam of light with a metal stencil over top to create a pattern on your venue wall. You can project any design, logo, or pattern you want for a corporate, company, or even a wedding event. 

Event Lighting Ideas Dancing in the Cloud

Highlight Your Event With Pin Lighting

Want a more dramatic effect during your event? Try using Pin Lighting to transform your event space by highlighting decor like centerpieces and table settings. The room will literally look like a work of art when you use pin lighting at your event. Pin lighting adds a visual element to any event that will elevate your event from casual to classically flawless. 

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Throw A Killer Light Show

Looking for a way to give your guests the night of their life? Create a fun room with a light show. These lights consistently move, so consider your events activities before creating a light show with your event planner. A light show is a great way to highlight an awards ceremony, opening night event or a great way for the key speaker to enter the room. 

Need some unique Event Lighting Ideas? Apropos Creations has all your lighting needs covered! Let us know what we can do to help you throw an epic corporate event today.