Covid 19 Re-Opening Preparedness

Your health is our business…

Our Covid 19 Re-Opening Preparedness guideline will surely make you feel safe and secure and we are ready.  While parts of the country ascent the stay-at-home mandate, many small businesses are starting to reopen.  This includes venues, hotels, and resorts. Being an event planner, we want you to know what precautions Apropos Creations are taking to ensure your health and well- being.  Our vendor partners will also be in the loop on what is expected out of them.

We are very thrilled to get back to what we love doing, planning, and executing one the most important moments of your lives as well as working with your families, and our vendor partners. However, we also know that to do so safely, we must follow the state and federal guidelines.

Covid 19 Re-Opening Preparedness

What we’re doing…

Below is a list of procedures and guidelines we will follow when we start executing events once again:

  • Sanitization – Our staff will have personalized hand sanitizers as well as anti-bacterial wipes, always to ensure we are germs free before (and after) coming into contact with anyone or with anything.
  • Venue Protocols – Each venue has different health and safety protocols and we will adhere to their protocols.  It may be a destination wedding or an Arizona wedding, we will make sure to be ready.
  • Face Covering – Our wedding and event planners will always be wearing face coverings. The same is expected out of our clients as well to protect our staff’s well-being.
  • Social Distancing – Whenever possible, we will maintain at least a 6 feet distance while working.
  • Additional Precautions For your event, please let us know if there are any other guidelines that you would like us to follow.

It is our obligation to keep you, our vendor partners, and our staff safe.  When booking our wedding and event planning service, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.  Having this Covid 19 Re-Opening Preparedness guideline will be the framework on how we will handle your event.

Covid 19 Re-Opening Preparedness

Thank you for supporting small businesses!

Note: We will continue to update as our plans change.

Download our Covid 19 Wedding Planning Checklist?  Click here to access it.

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