Wedding disasters can happen. We’ve all seen the youtube videos of several different things that can happen from a horrible dj to an entire reception canopy falling on guests. Sometimes there are things about a wedding that you just can’t control. So, how do you survive a wedding disaster?

Hire A Wedding Planner

The easiest way to deal with wedding disasters is to hire a wedding planner. You don’t have to have one for the whole wedding, although we would recommend that *wink, wink. You can have a planner the day of who is your go between when it comes to the caterer, the florist, the clergy, and anyone else who needs to help when it comes to making sure your big day goes off without one hitch.

Wardrobe Malfunction

You should keep a stain remover pen handy and your dress in plastic until the very last minute. In the event that weather threatens your big day, talk to your wedding planner about getting some cool matching umbrellas or moving photography to a safer location than outdoors so your dress doesn’t get too damp.

When Hiring A DJ or A Band?

Always go with a reputable, professional band or DJ. While you might want your cousin’s brother’s son to DJ because he claims he can – he might not be the right fit for your special day. Just think of all those wedding disaster videos, then talk to your planner about the kind of music you want at your reception and they can likely make some recommendations.

When Conflict Comes Up

Unnecessary conflict can just come up. It’s an event, and while we’d love for each one to be perfect sometimes things like the name cards for guests can get smashed or be placed in the wrong place. At Apropos Creations, we love to solve problems and make sure you get the wedding of your dreams. When it comes to vendors, that’s what your planner is for! To be the go-between, so that if there is some sort of problem this person can hopefully resolve it for you. As a bride, you shouldn’t let your inner Bridezilla out. Just take a deep breath and talk to your wedding planner on how to fix it. They can often spin magic out of nowhere, and there’s no reason to be upset on your big day.