Pocket squares can really tie the whole groom’s party and look together. They’re also cheaper than a boutinierre and look sharp with the right suit. Apropos Creations loves a good pocket square. So, if you want to look dapper on your big day, we’ve got a pattern for you to easily DIY custom pocket squares for the whole bridal party. Pocket squares are also gorgeous accents for a gala awards dinner, charity event, or any celebrations that require a smart or elegant look.

What You’ll Need:
  • Piece of Fabric (12″-14″ wide cotton is the best material.)
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread to match the fabric
  • Straight pins
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  1. Fold each edge over, about a 1/4″ fold, and pin along the edge with straight pins. Remove the pins on each side and fold a second time, re-pinning so there are no exposed, unfinished edges. Alternatively, you can iron the edges down.
  2. Place one edge of the pocket square under your sewing machine, lower the lever to secure it in place, and press the pedal of the sewing maching.
  3. When you reach the first corner, lift your foot off the pedal, and turn the whole square 90 degrees so you’re back to sewing the next edge. Repeat this until all four sides are sewn.
  4. Back stitch to close the final corner and trim and loose threads off the ends with a pair of sewing scissors, and you’re ready to fold your pocke square.
Pocket Square Folds

There are over some 50 different ways to fold a pocket square. Some of the more popular styles include:

  • The Presidential Fold
  • The One Point Fold
  • The Two-Point Fold
  • The Three-Point Fold
  • The Cagney Fold
  • The Puff Fold
  • The Scallop Fold
  • The Dunaway Fold

Looking for more wedding style advice or wedding planners in Arizona or a Holiday Party Planner? We’d love to chat with you about your event planning needs at Apropos Creations! We also love a very dapper pocket square and can help you find the perfect fabric and learn how to get just the right fold.