Enter your wedding with a unique style and wedding grace when you use a chunar canopy for your wedding entrance. A wedding addition of modern beauty, just like the bride, this is one of the finest ways to make an entrance on your wedding day. When it comes to making an epic entrance at your Hindu or Indian wedding, you might be thinking about adding a chunar.

Some of our favorites:
  1. The Traditional Chunar: Draped in flowers, this canopy boats of rings of tuberoses – an elegant way to make an entrance.
  2. Light It Up: Simply fairy lights on colored fabric can make for a unique and bright entrance.
  3. Give Wedding Bells A Try: Wedding bells delicately hung in the chunar with purple orchids is one gorgeous and musical way to make your entrance.
  4. Go Exotic with Flowers: Lush exotic flowers can be used to fill a chunar and make for one beautiful entrance.
  5. Give The Chunar A Traditional Twist: Hang kalaaris from your chunar for a very grand and magnificent way to make your wedding entrance.
  6. Origami: Hange beautiful origami from your chunar that is made by the family and bridal party for a sentimental entrance.
  7. Drape gorgeous lace fabric over your chunar for a unique look that matches your wedding dress.
  8. Hang lotus blossoms for drapery of pure love – since the lotus bloom with a leaf and bud symbolize a complete union.

No matter what you want to decorate your chunar with, it will be a gorgeous canopy for the best wedding entrance – ever. Just be creative. Look at photos, Instagram, and other weddings you like to help you narrow it down.

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