10 Reasons Aruba is the perfect place for a destination wedding

Getting married in Aruba is the ideal way to throw one picturesque beach wedding. Aruba is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, which makes it one of the top destination areas for weddings! If you’re looking for a great venue with beachfront views and luxurious backdrops we’ve got a plethora of reasons you should pick Aruba as your destination wedding venue.  

10 Reasons Aruba is the perfect place for a destination wedding!

  1. You can turn your beach wedding dream into the honeymoon of a lifetime as you’ll already be saying ‘I do’ in paradise.
  2. You can easily explore the entire island and immerse yourself in culture, as well as luxury.
  3. Aruba wedding venues offer many wedding packages that can suit the needs of any couple no matter what style wedding you want to throw!
  4. You can hire wedding planners like Apropos Creations to help you make sure your big day has everything you ever dreamed of – and it all goes down without one hitch. That’s right! We travel with you.
  5. Some Aruba wedding venues offer all-inclusive packages that means you won’t have to break the bank on your beach destination wedding.
  6. The beaches and coves of Aruba make for one natural place to get some killer photography on your big day.
  7. With hotels having guest services your catering can be built right into your wedding package without being super expensive.
  8. Ditch the reception and go to a restaurant! The nightlife in Aruba is so vibrant, you’ll love the atmosphere outside the hotel.
  9. If you don’t want to bring the kids, there are adult only options in Aruba that can make your destination wedding even more romantic.
  10. You can be adventurous and cultural with your wedding by getting married right on the water in your very own sailboat.

Want to know more about the culture of Aruba and what it has to offer you in a destination wedding? Get in touch with us at www.aproposcreations.com and we’ll help you plan the destination wedding of your dreams.  We hope the 10 Reasons Aruba is the perfect place for a destination wedding assisted you in making that beach wedding decision.