Style & Design

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

-Rachel Zoe –

Style Package This Style Package is for the bride who wants to plan their wedding and who has a mood or feel of the day in mind but may need assistance with the creativity to design the perfect day. We can create an inspiration board with ideas, themes and colors so you have a guide on how to build your perfect day and get you started.
With the Custom Design Package, you receive:

  • An initial consultation to discuss design ideas, overall theme, and budget
  • A custom design board to keep and use as an aid with vendors
  • A folder containing written explanations on all areas featured in the design board
  • 2 Vendor recommendations per vendor category
  • A budget outline
  • Tips & hints for ceremony and reception ideas
  • Provide website and pricing information for specific favors, invitations, etc. featured on design board
  • A final consultation to discuss design board and information

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